Honoring the Departed

There have been lots of conversation occurring lately about all of the celebrity deaths that have happened in 2016.  This discussion occurs every year, but 2016 seems to be especially strong.  We have certainly lost many good and amazing people this year.  I am not going to even attempt to list them, but I am betting we can all come up with a list of our own.  And then I think of all of the families that I know who have lost their own celebrities, family members and friends who did not make any headlines, but these losses have left their own gaps in many lives.

All of this loss certainly has left us with reasons to mourn and grieve, and those are definitely things that we need to process.  Without giving those emotions their time they will continue to build and fester, inhibiting us from doing other things.  So I invite you to embrace the mourning and grief, but I also encourage you to ponder why it is that you feel this why.  What is it about these particular losses that leave a hole in our lives?

Chances are each and every one of the losses that hit us hard do so because those specific individuals possessed traits that we really admire.  Rev. Dr. Susan Thistlethwaite wrote a reflection on the death of Carrie Fischer and in her writing Thistlethwaite observed that it was Fischer’s ability to remain strong and persistent in the face of adversity that made her a real princess, both on the big screen and in her personal life.  Dr. Thistlethwaite goes on to encourage us to carry on those traits in our own lives.  https://sbthistle.org/2016/12/27/we-are-the-princessgenerals-we-have-been-waiting-for/

Who are you mourning right now, and how can you carry on their legacy?  2017 curriculum at Pilgrim Center and Moon Beach is going to focus on stories of courage.  How can you write your own story of courage by honoring those that have departed this earth in 2016?


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